Wednesday October 18th

We will gradually be switching over to all punch cards for food and beverage. It saves you .50 cents an item on most items and saves time especially with the spotty wifi in the building if you are trying to pay by card. Punch cards are the desk in the black box. Get your item, check a box off… fast and easy and money saving.

Warm Up-
20 Pull ups
20 push ups
20 squats
40 sit ups
*if you want to learn rope climb technique please use this 10 minute warm up time to work with your coach

Push Jerks-
6 Sets of 5- Use lighter weight
Practice fast reps with no pause

5 Rounds for Time… 5 Rounds
Run 400 (run this run, don’t use it as rest)
10 Handstand push ups
2 rope climbs (sub 1 rope climb— or– 6 rope pulls from the ground– or 10 pullups or 15 ring rows)