What Our Gym Offers

Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Odessa


Whether you have never been to a gym or you are an experienced athlete CrossFit will help you reach your full potential. Lose weight, build muscle and feel great about yourself! Every workout is scaled to your current fitness level. Our coaches will be by your side helping you every step of the way!

Olympic Weightlifting

Odessa’s only USAW affiliate led by USA Weightlifting National Level Coach, Jordon Garrison. Whether you are a High School Weightlifter looking for an edge, Crossfitter that wants to improve your technique, or just someone who wants to get stronger, we are here for you!

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Based off our very successful Olympic lifting and CrossFit programs our youth strength and conditioning program is great for kids as well as teens. This program will build strength, power, and coordination that will transfer to any sport your child is involved in.

Nutrition Programs

You can’t out work poor eating choices! Let us help you build better, life long, and sustainable eating habits. No fad diets or magic pills. By working with one of our Nutrition Coaches you will take control of eating and have a full understanding of what to eat and why.

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