Tuesday October 17th

We will gradually be switching over to all punch cards for food and beverage. It saves you .50 cents an item on most items and saves time especially with the spotty wifi in the building if you are trying to pay by card. Punch cards are the desk in the black box. Get your item, check a box off… fast and easy and money saving.

Warm Up
5 Minutes Bike
20 squats- Hold 5 seconds at the bottom. Grab onto the rig for balance if you need to

Back Squats
4 Sets of 10 (2 sets of 10 with an empty bar and light weight to warm up)

10 rounds For Time *mark your rounds, 10 is a lot to keep track of
15 Double Unders
5 Front Squats 185/135
10 Slam balls 50/30