Wednesday May 18th

2:00 Banded Overhead Contract/Relax
10 Burpees
8 Hang Muscle Snatch 10 Burpees
8 Power Position Power Snatch 10 Burpees
8 Hang Power Snatch

For 15 Minutes, Practice the following complex with perfect mechanics:
1 Power Position Power Snatch*
1 Hang Power Snatch, Above Knee
1 Hang Power Snatch, at knee
*After 3 sets, athletes may eliminate the Power Position portion of the complex ONLY if the coach deems that their proficiency has earned the right to do so. Mechanics > Intensity.
May be done as drop and reset or without dropping the bar, but do not allow grip fatigue to alter your movement patterns.

AMRAP 7 Minutes
50 kb Swings 53/35lbs
400 M run
30 Toes to Bar
Wod has 2 scores, here is part 2.. did you think i forgot about weight vest wednesday
Immediately after the wod, Throw on your vest if you have one and do
20 pull ups
800m run
20 pull ups- 2nd score is time and remember your time starts immediately after the amrap is over.

–  KB Swing: Should be 1-3 sets, scale KB weight before reps. If the overhead position isn’t possible
due to injury, scale to chest height swings
–  Cals: Should not exceed 3 minutes to complete, if you are newer stop at 3 no matter what the count is,
–  Toes to Bar: Athletes should be allowed to chip away by any means necessary, but avoid the
dreaded ball upside down version of toes to bar. For athletes without the ability to perform a full toes to bar, scale to kipping knee raises or knee raises
-part 2 scaling. no vest, ring rows, banded pull ups

10 Minutes
100m Run
25′ HS Walk
Run at a speed that allows for unbroken HS Walks.

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