Thursday May 19th

20 Band Pull Aparts (perform 10 palms down, 10 palms up)
3 Rounds
4 Tempo Ring Rows
4 Squat Box Jumps* 24/20″
*Perform an air squat, jump onto a box 6/4 Calorie Air Bike Sprint

Strength Every 4 Minutes for 12 Minutes (3 sets) 1 Max Rep Set of Push Presses
Round 1: 75% 1RM
Round 2: 70%
Round 3: 65%
Adjust weights to allow for 5-10 reps on round 1, and then slightly more on each subsequent set.

Score is total reps

AMRAP 4 Minutes
3 Bar Muscle Ups
8 DB Front Squats 50s/35s
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 3 Minutes
2 Bar Muscle Ups
6 DB Front Squats 50s/35s
Rest 1:00
AMRAP 2 Minutes
1 Bar Muscle Ups
4 DB Front Squats 50s/35s

Feel: Gas Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 5-7 rounds per AMRAP
Firebreather Score: 8+ Rounds per AMRAP
–  Bar Muscle Up: Should always be 1 set or scaled to burpee pull ups (focusing on conditioning
vs. gymnastic skill)
–  DB Front Squats: Should be always be 1 set. Scale weight not reps.

Coach Focus: Coaches must ensure athletes can move back and forth between today’s two movements to ensure the gas stimulus is met. A slow back and forth will not create the stimulus we are after. The burpee pull up is the preferred scale for bar muscle ups because we are prioritizing metabolic conditioning vs. a gymnastic skill session. DB Squats are performed with 2 dumbbells in the front rack.
Additional Notes/Resources: Positioning in the Bar Muscle Up

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