Tuesday May 17th


Tuesday May 17th

Straight Through
Run 400m
10 Inch Worms
20 Plank transitions
10 Pause Ring Rows
Run 400m

Gymnastics Test
AMRAP 3 Minutes
Max Rep Strict Pull Ups
Max Push ups

Gymnastics test will not be re-tested until the END of the next 6 weeks so this is one of those days where if athletes CAN do strict pull ups and/or push ups, allow them to struggle through what may seem like a very small number of reps so they can see big progress. Athletes with zero reps of each should be scaled to the most difficult style of pull up/push up they can do.
Additional Notes/Resources: 2 Easy Ways to Scale Push Ups

12 Rounds
10 S-DB Lunge Walking Lunges 50/35lbs
8 DB Facing Burpees

Feel: Cardio Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 8-14 Minutes Firebreather Score: Sub-8
–  Lunge: Perform unweighted before scaling to another movement. Scale to Step Ups or Air
Squats if lunges are inaccessible
–  Burpees: Avoid scaling reps unless athletes are very new or severely de-conditioned
Coach Focus: Metcon is straightforward. Only the most severely de-conditioned athletes should be scaled in burpee volume, otherwise today is a good day for a time cap (15 minutes) so that athletes who need the conditioning get it. Scale loading on lunges, or have athletes lunge unweighted. 10 step ups or air squats may be a good sub if an athlete cannot lunge.

AMRAP 15 Minutes, teams of 3-5: 50′ Sled Push HAF (Heavy as F%#k)
Team members push 50′ at a time. Sled should be extremly heavy, but never requiring more than 2 stops to complete 50′. Teams with fewer athletes may require additional rest – this is a strength session, not a metcon.