Wednesday March 9th

Contest for fabulous prizes starts today. Rules are simple. Not all prizes are out, we’ll be adding some.
Make a social media post, with a picture, WHILE YOU ARE AT THE GYM. earn tickets, fill tickets out, drop ticket in the bag that matches the prize you want!
1 Ticket= post to social media and say something nice about the new gym
2 Tickets= Post to social media and link to the website and mention “free trial class available at website” site is
5 Tickets= bring a friend during bring a friend week which will be March 28th through April1st
5 Tickets= Do the last open workout during a regular class or during Friday Night Lights. Don’t do it alone!

3 Steady Rounds
12 DB Front Rack Lateral Squats
10 Hanging Knee Raises
12 Jump Squats
100’ Odd Object Carry (lighter than workout)

On a 9 Minute Clock:
Build to a Heavy Pause Front Squat
*3 Second pause at bottom of squat Bar taken from the rack.

For Time Alternating full rounds with a partner
20 Rounds
8 Toes to Bar
200′ Odd Object Carry
*Odd Object Options:
Sandbag :100/70lbs or less
Plate: 55/45lbs Kettlebells/Dumbbells: 70s/50s


Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 12-15 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-12 Minutes


  • Toes to Bar: Should not exceed 2 sets, ever. Scale reps to as few as 4 reps, if 4 reps is still too many, scale to kipping knee raises
  • Carry: The implement should allow for athletes to jog/run with it. Each 200’ section should be done unbroken

Coach Focus: Each round should athletes working for :30 – :45. The pace from start to finish should be quick and athletes should be paired by fitness level to ensure that both athletes get a similar stimulus. Athletes may play “musical chairs” with odd objects or use the same object each round, 100% coaches choice and if logistically feasible