Wednesday March 31st

This week of programming is to in preparation the next 7 week cycle. We will be testing and retesting some classic CrossFit wods as well as getting back into some heavier strength work. Cycling in and out of heavy work is important for longevity in CrossFit. You can’t be very fit if you are maxing out every week, for weeks on end, you can be very injured doing that.

Going to start throwing a little Murph prep into warm ups.
Warm up
5 Rounds or 5 minutes, whatever you get to first
5 pull ups
10 Push ups
15 squats

Back squats, 5×5 on the lighter side. 70 to 80 percent. Just trying to get ourselves under some weight again.

Hit this piece with intensity. If you get through this and say “that was easy” you did this wrong. this is a sprint each round.

5 rounds
10/8 cals row or ski
7 double DB squats 70/50 (pick weight you can go unbroken but heavy)
10/8 cal row or ski
Rest 1 minute
**ROLL OVER CALS DONT COUNT! Add 10/8 to the number on your screen if you arent resetting machine for the second set of of cals

*scale this by weight AND cals on the machine, if you cant keep intensity up for 10/8 cals then lower it to 7/5