Thursday April 1st

Barbelll warm up, snatch first, then clean and jerk

Strength- Something a little different today. Coordination is part of CrossFit. Most of what we do is on our own. Today we are going to try a team strength and to partner up with someone. Doesn’t matter if its a new athlete with an experienced athlete. get out of your comfort zone

EOMOM for 10 Minutes (5 sets) *1 practice set before we start
5 synchronized power snatches
Each athlete has their own bar. On 3.2.1 go you will perform 5 synchronized snatches. Athlete experience does not matter. If you are experienced can you sync up with someone new, which might mean holding the bar overhead a little longer or slowing down your cadence?
After a successful set add weight to your bar. Rep is completed when both athletes lock out overhead, then you can start your next touch and go rep.

Wod (solo, not partner)
20 clean and jerks
20 snatches
*break however you want
snatches will be most peoples limiting weight if they dont have this rx. use one bar for both movements, no weight changes.
*if you know your grace time and its getting into the 5 minutes range you will want to start consider scaling weight especially if you struggle with snatches. 12 minute time cap on this wod, but expecting to see some 6 minute times, maybe less.