Tuesday March 30th

Warm up
8 scap pull ups
8 knee raises
8 scap push ups
8 deadlifts with light weight

EOMOM 8 minutes
Read scaling carefully
-2 attempts max handstand walk (one if you make it the entire distance of the gym and turn around)
scaling options
2 attempts max handstand hold on wall (not to exceed 1:15 total, you want 45 seconds rest)
2 attempt max overhead static hold with two DB’s (not to exceed 1:15 total)

Review the deadlift and work up to your working weight for the wod

For time
Run 200
12 Deadlift 275/205
4 Rope Climbs
Run 200
9 Deadlift 275/205
3 Rope Climbs
Run 200
6 Deadlift 275/205
2 Rope Climbs

*sub for rope climbs is rope pulls from the floor. double the number
*scaling if you are just getting climbs is either 3,2,1 or 1 a round.

If ropes are limited go every other climb with someone, we can stagger starts to try and keep people apart but ropes being occupied might happen on this wod. Its not the end of world.