Wednesday June 9th

Warm up
4 Rounds adding a little weight for round 3 and 4
5 muscle cleans from the hang
5 clean high pulls
5 power position power clean
5 hang from the knee power cleans

Strength – build up throughout, see notes below about when to stop adding weight
Power Position Power Clean
Hang Power Clean Above the Knee
Drop and Reset between reps
We are looking for athletes to build to a few heavy sets of Hang Power Clean, but not at the expense of proper form. An easy way to determine whether you should increase your weight on your power clean is by paying attention to your feet. If an you begin to move their feet much much wider than your squat stance or start to “starfish” you should not increase the weight on the barbell.


For Time
30/25 Cals
20 Deficit HSPU 2/1″
10 Power Cleans 225/155lbs
20 Deficit HSPU 2/1″
30/25 Cals

Target score 8-12 minutes- firebreathers under 7. Clean should not be more than 80 percent of your one rep max. we will have a few touch and go that 225 weight but most will do singles. Think heavy singles no matter what weight you are using