Wednesday June 6th

Jason Ackerman, a Level 4 Crossfit Coach, will be speaking Friday June 8th from 5:30p, to 6:30pm and teaching a class from 6:30 to 7:30, don’t miss it!
free for members

Victoria will be teaching a handstand clinic from 11am to 12 pm on Saturday June 9th, free for members.

Coach Jordon’s youth weightlifting program starts Monday June 4th. Classes are in the morning. Its all summer long and you can register anytime. Please let him or I know by Wednesday!


Warm Up-
4 Rounds of
5 pull ups (hardest version for you starting with weighted strict then moving down in this order…. strict, kip, jumping, ring row)
10 push ups
15 squat

Strength Bench Press
5×40%, 5×50%, 3×60%, 5X75%, 3X85%, As many reps as possible at 95%
Max week, next week is deload week.


Regional Event 3

3 rounds for time (20 Minute cap)
9 muscle-ups (Can sub bar for ring)
36-ft. handstand walk
36 (Round 1) 45 (Round 2) 54 (Round 3) single-leg squats
36-ft. handstand walk

We will try to set up 1 obstacle for you to handstand walk over, but we can’t us up all the plates.

Scroll for scaling options.

CrossFit WOD 180601 Tips With Rory McKernan
The Handstand Walk

This workout contains a lot of high-skill gymnastics movements. Ignore the time cap and speed that the Regional athletes complete this workout in. Modify the movements and reps as needed while still using this as a chance to practice gymnastics skills.

Intermediate Option
3 rounds for time of:
5 muscle-ups (ring or bar)
36-ft. handstand walk, no obstacles (Or 1 minute handstand hold)
36-45-54 single-leg squats
36-ft. handstand walk, no obstacles (or 1 minute handstand hold)

Beginner Option
3 rounds for time of:
5 ring rows
5 jumping ring dips
50 Foot bear walk
36-45-54 squats
50 foot bear walk

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