Thursday June 7th

Jason Ackerman, a Level 4 Crossfit Coach, will be speaking Friday June 8th from 5:30p, to 6:30pm and teaching a class from 6:30 to 7:30, don’t miss it!
free for members

Victoria will be teaching a handstand clinic from 11am to 12 pm on Saturday June 9th, free for members.

Coach Jordon’s youth weightlifting program starts Monday June 4th. Classes are in the morning. Its all summer long and you can register anytime. Please let him or I know by Wednesday!


Warm up-
800 M run with a wall ball and partner
40 Good mornings
30 Push ups
20 empty bar deadlifts

Strength Deadlift
5×40%, 5×50%, 3×60%, 5X75%, 3X85%, As many reps as possible at 95%
Max week, next week is deload week.

This is harder than it looks.. partner up with someone who rows about as fast as you and make fast transitions so you are actually only resting 90 seconds.

10 rounds, each for time, of:
200-m row
Rest 90 seconds

Scroll for scaling options.

CrossFit WOD 180530 Tips With Rory McKernan

Beginners can reduce the total number of rounds, but most will not need to change the movement or distance for these sprints.

Beginner Option
7 rounds, each for time, of:
200-m row
Rest 90 seconds

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