Wednesday July 13th

Alternating EMOM Teams of 3 for 9:00
1- 10 Goblet Good For Yous (Lunge Right-Leg/Lunge Left-Leg/Squat)
2- 10 Burpees to 6” target
3- 50m Empty Sled Push or 100m run

AMRAP 30 Minutes
Teams of 3, One partner working at a time
20 DB Lunge Steps 50s/35s
12 Burpees
100m Empty Sled Push

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 4 rounds each Firebreather Score: 6+ rounds

  • DB Lunge: Athletes should be able to complete in one set. Reduce
    loading for many – high volume lunges can really beat athletes up.
  • Burpees: Should not exceed :60 to complete in all rounds or reduce by
    1-4 reps.
  • Sled: Should be a fast push and all for running. If sleds are not
    available, scale with SB carry or a farmers carry
    Coach Focus: The longer clock should encourage athletes to push during their working periods. Every
    movement should take less than :60 to complete the whole workout, closer to :30. Scale weight of
    DBs for the lunge, scale to regular burpees or 6/4 AAB calories. If sleds are not available a light
    Sandbag run 100/70 or Farmer’s carry will be good subs. Additional Notes/Resources:
    Sled Push Alternatives:
    Sandbag Carry Anyhow 100/70lbs
    Farmer’s Carry DBs or KBs 50s/35 35lbs