Thursday July 14th

2 Rounds
20 Duck Walk Steps
12 Empty Bar Pause OH Squats Run 200m
After that, athletes perform 4 sets of a :10 Ring Support Hold, (alternating between top
of the rings and bottom of rings – 2 each)

For Proficient Athletes with 3+ Muscle Ups
E2MOM 8 Minutes
1 Max set of Muscle Ups
For Athletes with 0-2 Muscle Ups E2MOM 8 Minutes
1 Set Low Ring Banded Muscle Ups

AMRAP 13 Minutes
7 Squat Snatch 95/65lbs
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Rest :30
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
7 Squat Snatch 95/65lbs
Rest :30

Feel: Muscle Overload

Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 6+ Rounds Firebreather Score: 10+ Rounds

  • Squat Snatch: Reduce the loading to allow for touch and go sets (never more
    than 3 sets to complete the reps). Should not exceed :30 in any round.
  • Chest to Bar: Should be 1-2 sets. Scale to chin over bar pull ups for athletes who
    cannot consistently perform 5 chest to bar pull ups or scale further to ring rows or banded pull
    ups. Avoid jumping pull ups due to stimulus

Coach Focus: One round of this AMRAP is one couplet no matter the order of the movements, since
they alternate after every :30 rest period. Coaches need to be careful not to scale this workout
too much as that will change the stimulus from muscular overload to gas/cardio. Coaches should push
the transition quickly since there is only 15 reps before each rest period.