Tuesday July 12th

Tricep Smash 1:30/ Side
On a 4:00 Clock Row 500m
20 Front Squats with Empty Bar
Freestanding HS Practice in time remaining

E2MOM for 12 Minutes
(2) 1-1/4 Front Squats
Rest As Needed

Coach Focus: Teaching athletes how to harness the value of the “bounce” and how to not have the
bounce change their torso angle is a skill that must be practiced. Coaches should keep a keen eye
on their athletes as they use the “double bounce” (via the 1/4 squat) to watch for a change in
torso angle (leaning forward). If the athlete’s torso pitches forward during their bounce they are
now put in a less advantageous position to lift maximal weight. While this is not meant to be a
very heavy session, the lessons will help athletes lift heavier weight in the future, if
practiced properly.

For Time
50 Power Cleans 95/65lbs
25 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
50 Wallballs 20/14lbs

Feel: Gas
Pacing: Reach
Target Score: 6-8 Minutes Firebreather Score: Sub. 5:30

  • Power Cleans: Should allow for 15 consecutive reps when fresh. Should not exceed 3
    minutes to complete. If pulling from the floor is an issue, modify to a hang power clean.
  • BJO: Should not exceed 2 minutes to complete. Reduce box height to keep athletes
    jumping if possible. If jumping isn’t available to athletes, modify to a 20/16 Calorie AirBike to
    preserve the “gas” stimulus
  • Wallballs: Athlete should be able to perform 30 consecutive wall balls with their weight
    when fresh. Should not exceed 3 minutes to complete their 50 reps. Scale weight, not reps if

Coach Focus: All athlete should be pushing to finish this short chipper as fast as possible by
reaching via bigger sets and short breaks when resting. While athletes are pushing to go fast,
coaches need to hold the standard for “good” vs. “bad” reps. Do not allow athletes to blur the
lines with shoddy movement. Move fast, but move well. When athletes he wall ball, encourage
them to go to failure or 50 reps, whichever happens first.