Wednesday February 2nd

Hip Openers, 2:00
4-way Banded Glute Activation, 2:00,
Calorie Machine
Jump Squats
Hollow Rocks

Back Squat
5×5 @ 95% 5RM from test week
All sets are at the same weight.
Rest 2-4 minutes between sets.
The goal for the entire phase is to add roughly 2.5% or 5-10lbs to the bar every week. As the percentages get heavier, focus on maintaining good positions with minimal grinding.


EMOM 12 Minutes, 4 sets each
1- 12 Front Rack Box Step Up (6 per leg; moderate load, 20″ box)
2- 15 V-Ups
3- Max Duration Push Up Hover Hold
**A “Hover Hold” is a hold at the bottom of the push up position with the chest 1-3″ off the deck. Only your hands and toes should be touching the ground.

Competitor extra- do this in place of the above workout or do this as extra. If the gym is busy do your db snatches outside. Extras are not meant to be crammed into and hour. don’t rush through your squats just to get to this part.

Metcon Reset
3 Rounds
20 DB Snatches 50/35lbs
5 Muscle Ups

Rest 1:30

2 Rounds
Rest :30
1 Round See notes for a reminder on what a Metcon Reset is!

Additional Notes: Remember, a metcon reset should be looked at first as if it were a regular metcon without rest (today, it would be 6 rounds for time of 20 snatches and 5 MU). Athletes would consider the overall time or pace they would like to hold from round to round if they were an unstoppable cyborg (within reason), and then attempt to hold THAT pace, knowing that they get rest at the point when we believe they would most likely start to seriously fatigue. Athletes can also perform their first 3 rounds, and then calculate their 1 round pace during their rest period, and attempt to hold that pace on all remanning rounds.