Tuesday February 1st


Tuesday February 1st

1:00 PVC Pass Throughs
1:00 Dead Hang From Pull Up Bar
5 Rounds
Run 100m
1 Wall Walk
5 Empty Bar Hang Squat Snatches*
*Rounds 3&4, Use Light Weight on Bar

Strength, build up to your squat snatch weight

5 Rounds
Run 300m
5 Squat Snatches @ 65-75%
Rest 2:00
*Squat snatches may be touch and go or singles

Feel: Muscular Overload
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 3-4 minutes working time per round, 28-33 minutes or less total
Firebreather Score: 2-3 minutes working time per round, Sub-23 Minutes

Run: Should not exceed :90, or reduce distance to 250 or 200m.
HSPU: Looking for first set to be ideally 1-2 sets, and the second set to be 1-3 sets. Scale by reducing reps to as few as 5 per set, or scale to Push Ups or DB Push press.

Squat Snatch: We want everyone who can perform a squat snatch doing so. Scale to power snatches or squat clean/power clean if injury causes the inability to squat.

Coach Focus: We are looking to toe the line on HSPU/shoulder stamina on this piece. Athletes should be able to run hard in their buy-in movement and perform their first set of HSPU in ideally 1 set. Snatches may be touch and go or singles, but shouldn’t ever take more than 1 minute. The second set of HSPU should never take more than 3 sets. When scaling athletes, consider the total volume of HSPU as a way to scale (100 reps as written).

***we bill be adding competitor extra pieces leading up to the open. Do as much of this outside as you can. Class has priority!

EMOM 14 Minutes, alt. movements

14 Burpees to 6″ Target
12 Alternating Pistols