Wednesday February 21

The Open starts this week. The open is for everyone! Register if you havent!! Its fun. Whatever workout Crossfit announces on the games website will be Fridays work out. Complete your open workout BEFORE Monday as we will resume regular programming on Monday.

Warm up-
100 Meter walking lunge
20 single arm overhead squats with dumbbell
6 Minute emom with empty bar-
0-3     6 Power position power snatch
3-6     6 Hang from the knee power snatch

10 minutes emom of this complex
2 Hang power snatches
1 Full Snatch from the ground

16 Minutes ascending ladder
add 2 reps per round
2 hspu (sub push ups)
2 Ring dips, sub bench dips
2 power snatches 135/95
next round 4,4,4 next round 6,6,6, next round 8,8,8 and so on