Tuesday February 20th

The Open starts this week. The open is for everyone! Register if you havent!! Its fun. Whatever workout Crossfit announces on the games website will be Fridays work out. Complete your open workout BEFORE Monday as we will resume regular programming on Monday.

Warm up
Bike 5 Minutes or run 800
40 pass throughs
25 Push ups
8 Minute Emom with an empty bar
0-2 Strict press
2-4 push press
4-6 push jerk
6-8 split jerk

10 Minute emom (bar starts on the floor)
3 push jerks or split jerks. try to add weight each round

Wod 18 Minutes
60 Cal Bike buy in
Amrap with remaining time
10 Shoulder to over head
10 Burpees Over your Bar
Run 200