Wednesday April 6th

2:00 Glute Activation Steps + Air Squats
2 Rounds
10 A-frame Toe Touches
200m Run
14 Wallballs

Back Squat
Set 1: lighter warm up set
Set 2: Moderate-heavy
Set 3: AHAP – 10RM territory
*a 10 rep max (territory) should really take it out of you. you should feel pretty wiped out after that. If you are new or not comfortable hitting a 10 rep max, its ok to an extra set of 10 at a lighter weight then a couple sets of heavier 5. People generally tweak something or pull something when they are not comfortable with what they are doing, they get nervous about it, then everything falls apart

*** wall space is not a crisis! 5 minutes wod, run two heats, and count for each other.
AMRAP 5 Minutes
Run 400m
then, AMRAP in remaining time of:
8 Thrusters 95/65lbs
2 Wall Walks Score is total reps of Thrusters + Wall Walks

Feel: Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 30+ Reps

Firebreather Score: 50+ Reps


  • Run: Should not exceed 2:00 or the distance should be reduced. If using a machine 1K/.9K Bike, 500m Row/Ski should be used only in the instance of injury.
  • Thrusters: Should allow for unbroken sets. Reduce weight, not reps
  • Wall Walks: Should not exceed :30 to complete the 2 walks, or reduce to 1 walk.

Coach Focus: The 400m run buy-in ensures that all athletes are breathing heavy as they get to the barbell. Barbell reps should allow for quick, unbroken sets of thrusters, so coaches need to ensure athletes barbell weights are appropriate. Then, when athletes get to the wall walk they should have their steps dialed in so they are not wasting time with unnecessary time under tension and/or extra steps in and out from the wall. Coaches check out the tip attached below on how to help athletes dial in their wall walk steps.

Additional Notes/Resources: Wall Walk Efficiency – Same Number of Steps Every Time!