Thursday April 7th

2:00 Pigeon Stretch/ Side
3 Rounds
12 S-Arm DB Squat Cleans 50/35lbs
12 S-Arm DB Push Press 6 Ring Rows

Grab a barbell and put no more than 10 pound plates on it or leave it empty. This part will be done as class. Simple and effective teaching today. you do not need to know every single inch of this lift. its confusing learning like that and will slow you way down. You need to know ground to knee, knee to power position, then power to finish.

Together warm up
Minute 1- 15 Tempo ground to knee (clean deadlift) tempo is 3 seconds
Minutes 2 – 15 Knee to power position tempo tempo is 3 seconds
Minute 3 rest and think about putting the two together
Minutes 4- 10 Ground to power pos. tempo (5 second tempo)
Minute 5- 10 full speed power postion to power clean just for fun

Every 2 Minutes for 12 Minutes
3 Tempo Pull Power Cleans (4 second tempo)

In Teams of 3, waterfall style:
AMRAP 14 Minutes
1 Rope Climb
1 Clean and Jerk 175/120lbs

Feel: Cardio

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Each athlete completes 10+ Rounds

Firebreather Score: Each athlete completes 14+ Rounds


  • Rope Climb: Should not exceed :15 to complete 1 climb. Scale to 5 strict pull ups (with a band if necessary). Proficient athletes can be challenged to perform this legless as long as a reduction in intensity doesn’t occur.
  • Clean and Jerk: Should not exceed 65% of an athletes 1RM and should be easily hit every time an athlete approaches the bar (should be power clean + split jerk).

Coach Focus: Athletes should team up by fitness so that all athletes are working/resting for similar times throughout all 14 minutes. For today’s workout athletes should be able to stay in perpetual motion for the entire 14 minutes. We are looking for the flow of the workout to be a 1 quick, consistent climb followed by the athlete being able to jog to their bar and lift it immediately. If athletes are hesitating to lift their barbell, it’s too heavy, and it’s missing today’s goal stimulus. Waterfall style means that as soon as the athlete in front completes their rep, the athlete behind starts theirs