Tuesday April 5th

Straight Through
Run 400m
10 Inch Worms
20 Plank Transitions
10 S-Arm Devil’s Press Run 400m

**if you can not or do not want to go upside down, don’t skip class!!! we can do overhead holds

Upside-down Test
6 Minute cap
For Time, Choose 1 based on ability level:
Option 1- 300′ HS Walk
Option 2: 150′ HS Walk
Option 3- 50′ HS Walk
Option 4- accumulate as much time as possible (in the 6 minute window) of a handstand hold against the wall
Option 6.. so many options- if you are down to 1 mat for handstand pushups. go for max reps of handstand push ups in 4 minutes
Option 5- accumulate as much time as possible (in the 6 minutes) with a barbell locked out overhead

All levels are performed in 25′ sections, with 5 foot intervals. if you fall get up and start at your last 5 foot mark. Can you turn around???

7 Rounds
50 Double Unders
5 Devil’s Press 50s/35s
8 Toes to Bar

Feel: Muscle Overload

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 10-16 Minutes

Firebreather Score: Sub-9 Minutes 


  • Double Unders: Should not exceed :45 in any round, reduce reps or scale to single unders
  • DP: Should never exceed :45 to complete, scale weight before reps
  • Toes to Bar: Ideally 1 set but can turn into 2 sets, but not 3.

Coach Focus: The muscular overload stimulus should cue both coaches and athletes that at some point in today’s 7 round workout that athletes will get stopped by localized muscular fatigue. But, with that in mind, athletes should not 2:15 to complete any of their 7 rounds.