Wednesday April 1st

Warm up, no overhead squats are not an April Fool’s joke. We all need to work on these. After watching this video and doing the mobility toward the end go into
3 Rounds.
10 overhead squats with a broom with a 1 second hold at the bottom
10 Pass throughs
10 push ups

For Time:
50 Single Arm Overhead Lunges (25 each side)
50 Lateral Lunges (left + right = 1 rep)
50 Goblet Squats
*5 burps EMOM until finished *Start with burpees

*If you can do Handstand push ups do 5 HSPUs on the min. instead

Barbell version Light (no weight or 10)
50 Overhead squat with empty bar of very light weight
50 Front Rack Lunges
50 Back squat

Barbell version-Heavy 135/95
30 Over head squats
30 Front rack lunges
30 back squats

Extra Credit: Holding the DB in your right hand, do 50 Calf Raises. Repeat on the left side. then; Complete 50 Russian Twists with the same DB. (left+right = 1 rep)