Thursday April 2nd


Thursday April 2nd

Warm up today. Get outside for 10 minutes, walk run jog, no phone.
After that go into 3 Rounds of
20 jumping jacks
20 push ups
15 squats

These workouts are written a little differently, we are using specific time domains to keep you moving. You don’t have your classmates there to push you or your coaches there to say keep going. These specific times and “to failure” are something to guide you. Best bet is to just keep moving!

Workout 1 Dumbbell version *this is similar to workout we did last week. See if you feel you have improved on your floor/bench presses. We don’t bench often in the gym, time to get some of this type of work in.
4 Rounds
DB Floor Press to failure Right arm, pick a weight where you can get at least 10 reps
DB floor press left arm to failure
50 Double Unders jumping jacks or single unders
1 minute of Max DB Bent Over Rows (right arm)
1 minute Max DB Bent Over Rows (left arm)
Rest 2 minutes before starting next round.


Barbell Version
4 rounds
Floor press or bench press to failure (at least 10 reps)
50 Double unders
1 Minute max push ups
1 Minute max bent over rows.

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Rest 5 Minutes

Wod 2 Dumbell and barbell verion
For Time: 50 Devil Press *can be done with 1 DB or two
*barbell version
Pick a lighter weight and do 30 rounds of
1 Burpee
1 Clean and jerk