Tuesday March 31st

Warm up
4 Rounds
10 High knees
10 Sampson Stretch
10 Butt kicks
10 squats

Wod- Dumbbell version
Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
400m run/row (or approximately 2 mintues)
Then 2 Rounds of DB “DT”
DT = 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power cleans, 6 Jerks
**If you only have a single dumbbell alternate arms on your hand power cleans and jerks
**If you finish the run/row AND 2 rounds of DT before the 4 minutes is up, you have the rest of the minute to rest. If you don’t this turns into AMRAP and just finish as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes


Barbell version is the same as dumbbell only use a barbell. Rx weight is 155/105

Extra work
3 Rounds
30 Russian twists
30 sit ups
30 Leg raises.