Wednesday May 20th

Welcome Back Wednesday!

Warm up!
Step 1- Wash/sanitize your hands
Step 2- There will be a 10 minute body weight warm up posted outside. Start the warmup at the top of the hour, The Coach will come out and get you at 10 after.
Step 3 go to your station and wipe your equipment down even though the class before you will have just wiped it down.
Step 4- Coach will be at the front of the room explaining the workout, we are not meeting at the whiteboard to avoid gathering too close.
*if you have an outdoor spot reserved just step into the gym, paying attention to social distancing and after the short brief you can head outside to your spot.

Back squats
5 sets of 5 at 60 percent of your OLD max. Yes this will be light, but many of you haven’t squatted for 8 weeks.

Wod- Starting simple.
10 minute Amrap
10 Power Cleans 96/65
10 push press 95/65

Wipe down your equipment and clear the room before the next class comes in. You are welcome to stay and socialize 6 feet apart in the outdoor area.

*skill work and extra work can be done outside. Clients who have registered for class take priority on the rig and platforms outside but there is plenty of other things to do if the rig is full. Sleds, hammers, tires, running, sandbags. Pick something and start moving. Take an abmat out there and do some running and core work.

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