Thursday May 21st

Warm up!
Step 1- Wash/sanitize your hands
Step 2- There will be a 10 minute body weight warm up posted outside. Start the warmup at the top of the hour, The Coach will come out and get you at 10 after.
Step 3 go to your station and wipe your equipment down even though the class before you will have just wiped it down.
Step 4- Coach will be at the front of the room explaining the workout, we are not meeting at the whiteboard to avoid gathering too close.
*if you have an outdoor spot reserved just step into the gym, paying attention to social distancing and after the short brief you can head outside to your spot.

Barbell Strict press- 5 sets of 5.
Remember we are easing back into barbell work. go light

5 Rounds
15 KB Swings
5 pull ups
400 m run

Remember we are easing back into pull ups as well. Trust us!

Scaled version

3 or 4 rounds

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