Monday May 16th

3 rounds
10 Empty Bar Thrusters 10 Bar Facing Burpees
3 times through starting with an empy bar and adding weight each round
1×3 Power Position Squat Clean, Jerk last rep
1×3  Hang Squat Clean + Jerk last rep
1×3 Tempo pull squat clean + jerk last rep

New Cycle is here. Squat clean and split jerk is the focus lift

Lifting Test
Find a 1RM Squat Clean and Split Jerk

Stimulus: Heavy Rest: As Needed
Coach Focus: Ahead of building to a 1RM Squat Clean and Jerk athletes should be very well warmed up and prepped through positional work before adding weight to their barbell. Coaches should plan on 10-15 minute warm up ahead of loading barbells to ensure athletes are best prepared to lift heavy. By design, the skill work that follows is only 10 minutes so coaches should allow athletes ~20 to build to a heavy clean and jerk.
Additional Notes/Resources: Split Jerk Tips – Bent Back Leg in the Catch

The lift should take a majority of the time
Pick 1 of the following skills and practice as an EMOM for 10 minutes.
– 5-30′ HS Walk
– :05-:10 L-Sit Hold
– 1-3 Strict Muscle Ups
– 1-2 Rope Climbs
– 5-40 Double Unders
– :20 Squat Hold (mobility focus)

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