Tuesday March 15th

On a 6 Minute Clock
500m Ski/Row
30 Jumping Lunges
20 Scap Pull Ups
Max Freestanding or Supported HS Hold in Remaining Time

Every :90 for 9 Minutes 2 Split Jerk w/ 3-sec. Pause in the Catch

In Teams of 2, splitting work evenly

AMRAP 4 Minutes x 2
2 Legless Rope Climb
30/24 Calorie Ski
Max Rep Clean and Jerks 135/95lbs
REst 2:00
*figure out your strategy on clean and jerks, fast singles or doubles. Partner up with someone who can cycle the same weight and barbell as fast as you

Feel: Muscle Overload/Gas

Pacing: Reach

Target Score: 50+ Clean and Jerks

Firebreather Score: 80+ Clean and Jerks


  • Legless Climbs: Climb as high as possible legless and then lock in feet, normal Rope Climbs, or 4 strict pull ups per climb are excellent scales. Scale to banded pull ups if necessary, but keep the reps strict.
  • Ski: 1:1 other C2 Machines or Assault Bike. Should not exceed :75 to complete their calorie number
  • Clean and Jerk: Athletes should never have to hesitate to pick the bar up because it’s too heavy. We are looking for Grace-speed clean and jerks.

Coach Notes: Athletes perform this workout you-go, I-go where they are splitting the work in half. Goal is for each team to have 2:00 in both rounds to accumulate clean and jerk reps. Athletes can elect to trade singles or touch and go sets. Coaches should push athletes to pick the style they are less comfortable with, so they improve their weaknesses.