Tuesday June 30th

Warm up
Barbell Specific Warm up
2 Rounds
Minute 1- 10 clean high pulls
Minute 2- 6 Power cleans+6 front squats
Minute 3- 6 Hang squat cleans
Minute 4- 5 Push jerks+3 Split jerks
You can add a little bit of weight each round but start with an empty bar

Strength- 25 Minutes on the clock to
Find your one rep max of
**You are welcome to work on this complex the entire hour if you want to! We haven’t had an all weightlifting day since we have been back.
The Misfits Clean Complex
1-Power Clean
1-Push Jerk
1-Front squat
1 Hang squat clean
1 Split jerk
*** All without putting the bar down

**Will start the clock at :40 after for whoever wants to do this wod. Be ready to go if you are doing it.
12 Minute Amrap
100m Farmer Carry (2 Dumbbells or KB) 50/35
100m Overhead carry (1 Dumbbell or KB, switch arms halfway)