Monday June 29th

A reminder- Keep Social Distancing, 6 feet or more. ALWAYS. no exceptions. Don’t share equipment. Utilize the outside area.

If you are registered for a class, SHOW UP, no holding spots and then no showing. You are holding a spot from someone who might want to come to class. A lot of no shows last week.

Today is benchmark workout. we are going to do the workout first and the strength portion seconds. This will allow you to go all out on the wod.

Warm up
3 Rounds
10 steps of sampson stretch
200m run
10 push ups
5 pull ups

3 Rounds for Time
400M run
21 Kb swings 53/35
12 pull ups

5 by 6 sets of Push press.
This is just dip drive. 70 to 80 percent of your 1 rep max.

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