Wednesday July 1st

Warm up-
3 Rounds
10 Lunges
10 squats
5 wall balls

*Wod first again today. this would be a good day to partner up and let someone count for you… from 6 feet away of course. We can run two heats

150 wall balls for time
-If you you have the mobility to get below parallel on your squats, that is the goal. We would rather have 150 great reps at slower time than 150 half reps at a faster time.
Manageable sets to start. If you can do 100 unbroken, go for it! Then just hold on for the rest of the wod! If you can go 150 try for it!
If 20-40 is your max reps for wall balls start breaking BEFORE you are at failure. Watch the clock for your rest. 5-10 seconds rest before your next set.

Brutal judge no reps this guy on 141……. a few of you can go unbroken in the gym. I know you can.

Extra Strength if you want to after the wod

5 sets of bench press or floor press. Don’t share benches. Db’s or Barbell