Tuesday July 6th

***Keep checking back. we will most likely be closed for the afternoon classes as the weather is supposed to get worse.
Warm up

Every 2 Minutes for 8 Minutes
200m Run
10 Russian KB Swings
In the remaining time perform a wallsit

Strength- build to 80 percent on your power cleans in 6 sets 3 (or less) including warm up sets


AMRAP 3 Minutes x 6
Row 500/450m
Ski 500/450m
Run 400m
Max rep Power Cleans @ 80% in remaining time
Rest 2:00
*** it makes absolutely no difference which cardio element you start on, just go in order. if you start on row move to ski then run, if you start on run move to row then ski. You will be hitting each cardio element twice. in classes of 18 or more we will add the bike in because there are only 6 ski ergs.

Each person will start at a staion. Once you complete the required distances they begin performing Power Cleans with the remainder of the time left in the 3 minutes. two minutes break after each 3 minutes amrap.

example if i started on the ski erg. At 3-2-1 go i would ski 500m as fast as i could, with the remainder of the 3 minutes i would perform power cleans. at STOP i will rest two minutes then at 3-2-1 go i will move to the run, in the remainder of those 3 minutes i will perform power cleans.

Scaling is to scale the cardio element to 2 minutes of work regardless of how far you rowed or skied. If you dont think you can run 400m in 2 minutes then run a minute out and a minute back

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