Monday July 5th

Regular hours today

Warm up

1:00 hang from the bar
400m Run
20 OHS with pvc
18 Scap Pull Ups
16 Scap Push Ups
14 Gymnastic Kips
12 DB Push Presses
20 OHS with PVC

Strength Skill
Bar muscle up or pull up progression practice. This can mean build strength through ring row for newer athletes up to practicing holding tighter gymnastics positions if you already have your bar muscle ups. Everyone can improve

Between practice sets perform 5-10 ghd back extensions (up to 4 sets) or 10 good mornings with and empty bar

For Time
40 Bar Muscle Ups
60 Deficit HSPU 2/1″ Partition as desired

Feel: Muscular Overload
Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 10-16 Minutes
Firebreather Score: Sub-10 Minutes

Bar Muscle Ups: Any Bar muscle up option that allows athletes to work towards unassisted BMU, or scale to Chest to Bar Pull Ups or Chin Over Bar Pull Ups, do not add reps.

Deficit HSPU: Remove deficit before reducing reps. If necessary, reduce reps to 30-40. Scale to Seated DB Strict Presses w/ DBs or Push Ups if HSPU aren’t realistic

For athletes who can do both of these high skill movements, they should have  challenging version that will teeter on the line of Gymnastics accessory rather than a Metcon. For athletes who do not have these movements, the most difficult version of each movement will be appropriate I(e.g. Chest to bar or chin over bar pull ups and non-deficit HSPU, or push ups. In both cases, quality of movement is paramount. If you are very good at both movements you may choose to blast through 10 rounds of 4/6 AFAP, or work through this unpartitioned.

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