Monday July 11th

20 A-frame Toe Touches
5 Inchworms + a Pushup
AMRAP 5 Minutes
Climb the Ladder by 1 Shuttle Run 1 Shuttle Run (25’ down and back)
3 Burpees
2 Shuttle Runs
3 Burpees
3/3, 4/3, 5/3

3 Rounds
1:00 Max Rep Ring Rows
1:00 Rest
1:00 Max Strict Ring Dips
1:00 Rest

AMRAP 15 Minutes Climb the ladder*
2 Shuttle Runs
3 Wall Walks
4 Shuttle Runs
3 Wall Walks
6 Shuttle Runs
3 Wall Walks 8/3, 10/3, 12/3
*Continue to climb adding 2 shuttle runs every
round 1 Shuttle run= 50ft

Stimulus: Stamina

Rest: As Prescribed
Coach Focus: The 12 week progression continues today with a slight change of pace, different
movements are on tap. Coaches should remain sticklers on movement quality to ensure these movements
we train today have skill/strength transfer.

Additional Notes/Resources: Ring Row: use a difficult that allows for a set of 15+ to start. Ring
Dip: must be able to perform 5+ perfect strict reps to start, otherwise use a band or perform bench
dips or push ups.

Feel: Cardio Pacing: Sustain
Target Score: 77 reps+ (Finishing round of 14/3) Firebreather Score: 117 reps+ (Finishing round of

  • Shuttle Run: If an athlete cannot run due to injury, a :10 Machine (bike preferred)
    = 1 Shuttle Run.
  • Wall Walks: Wall Walk should not exceed :60 to complete at absolute slowest,
    ideally more like :15-40. Use the Open Standard for modification. Coaches may reduce to 1-2 reps
    depending on fitness level. If injury prevents wall walks, modify to a :45 plank on elbows

Coach Focus: Coaches should use today’s class to help athletes find their 15 minute pace for this
AMRAP. We are looking for your athletes to be in perpetual motion for the entire 15 minutes. Before
starting, use your skill development session to help athletes find their steady pace on the wall
walks. Encourage your athletes to focus on placing their hands in the same place o f the wall
walks they do. Consistency begets consistency, be robotic.

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