Tuesday January 5th

Warm up
Every 2 Minutes for 8 Minutes
10 Scap Pull Ups
10 KB Swings
5 Calorie Bike Start at a “workout” pace on the bike and get faster each round, ending with a sprint.

2 attempts at max strict pull ups before we get started. We will be doing less of these in the future, really go for it. There will be time to fully recover from these before the wod

Conditioning Retest (November 17th retest)
Marty McThigh
AMRAP 13 Minutes
16/12 Calorie Bike
16 Power Cleans 135/100lbs
12 Toes to Bar

There will be time left in class. Take 10-15 minutes to build up to a heavy power clean. The next strength cycle will be focusing on clean and jerks under fatigue. today will be good practice.