Monday January 31st

3:00 C2 Machine
2 Rounds
25′ Lunge with Overhead Reach
25′ Duck Walk
25′ Burpee Broad Jump

Every 2 Minutes for 14 Minutes 3 Split Jerk w/ pause in the dip and in the catch


AMRAP 12 Minutes
3 Bar Muscle Ups
6 DB Hang Squat Cleans 50s/35s
25′ HS Walk

Feel: Cardio/Gas

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: Complete 6 Rounds

Firebreather Score: As close to EMOM as possible (some may be able to hold faster than EMOM)


  • BMUs: Should be 1 set for the entire 12 minutes. Scale to 6 reps of pull ups (using most difficult option)
  • DB Hang Squat Clean: Scale weight before reps.
  • HS Walk: Should not exceed 3 sets to complete 25’. Scale to 2 Wall Walks for athletes without the ability to handstand walk

Coach Focus: We want your athletes doing the most difficult version of today’sworkout that they can do consistently for 12 minutes. Athletes will likely get a feeling of all 3 stimuli, but in general we want variations of all movements that allow athletes to stay moving consistently for all 12 minutes