Tuesday February 16th

Warm up
3 Rounds
5 Clean high pulls
5 Power cleans from above the knee
5 power cleans from the shin
5 full squat cleans
Row or ski 250

Take time to build up to your clean and jerk weights for the wod. Lets be warm before we jump into this

3 Rounds
Row or ski 250m or bike 13/10
3 Clean and Jerks 60-70%
Row or ski 500m or bike 24/20
2 Clean and Jerks 70-80%
Row or ski 750 or bike 35/30
1 Clean and Jerk 85+%
Rest 3:00
*one of the few times we will add weight and take weight off in the same workout. have your weights ready.

The focus here is moving a moderate-to-heavy barbell under fatigue. Athletes may adjust their barbell weight each set, each round. Once the athlete begins their triples, the set shouldn’t exceed :30. Once the athlete begins their doubles, it should exceed roughly :20. this workout should not exceed 35 minutes