Monday February 15th

Warm up

2 Rounds
10 Plank Transitions
10 Band Pull Aparts (RD1: Palms up, RD2: Palms down)
2 Rounds
10 Right Arm Russian KB Swings
10 Left Arm Russian KB Swings
12 Goblet Reverse Lunges

Every 2 Minutes for 10 Minutes
(2) 1&1/2 Deadlifts
Go heavier than the sets of 3 we did last week. This is 10 reps total.
This deadlift cycle only has a few more sessions left in it.

On a 9 Minute Clock:
6 Rounds
10 DB Snatches 53/35lbs (5 each side)
10 db Squats 53/35lbs ) (holding 1 db in front of you like a goblet squat, not on the shoulder)
Then, in the remaining time, Max Distance HS Walk
Scale to Max wall walks or max double db push press
*every 5 feet on Hs walk is a point
*every wall walk is a point
*or every push press rep is a point

Looking at about 3 minutes or less left of the 9 minutes to get some handstand walks/wall walks/presses in.