Monday April 4th

1:00 each leg couch stretch

Every 1:30 For 6:00
3 Wall Walks
10 Jumping Lunges
10 bike sprint

Coach Focus: Today’s session starts a 5 week progression that is centered on the idea of rep accumulation making athletes stronger. Each week athletes will perform 2-3 sets of “high rep” deadlifts with the goal of proving to athletes that time under tension is an incredibly effective way to improve strength. Coaches should be hyper focused on helping athletes understand how to return to set up correctly and then return the bar correctly for the next rep. Take extra time to review the mechanics of the deadlift set up

Additional Notes/Resources: Perfecting the Deadlift Set Up Position and Deadlift Tips – Proper Loading on the Descent

Set 1: lighter warm up set
Set 2: Moderate-heavy
Set 3: AHAP

AMRAP 9 Minutes
50′ Single DB Front Rack Lunge 70/50lbs
10 Pull Ups


3-5 Sets for Quality

– 10-20 Ring Rows for speed/pump
– 10-20 Alternating Leg V-Ups
– :30 Copenhagen Hold per leg

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