Tuesday April 26th


Tuesday April 26th

1:00 Hanging Shoulder Opener
:30 Front Rack Elbow Pointers
1:00 Max Squat Hold w/Bar in Front Rack
3 Rounds
250m row or ski
7 Hang Squat Cleans w/Empty Bar
5 Pause Ring Rows

On a 15 Minute Running Clock
1 Low Hang Power Clean (@/below the knee) Rest as needed
*shoot for 10 reps in 15 minutes

Stimulus: Technique to Heavy
Rest: As Needed
Coach Focus: This is our 2nd opportunity this phase to work from the hang for the clean. We, at TMF, love using hang work to teach athletes the value in positioning and learning the skill most athletes struggle with, which is learning how to actively pull down and under the barbell. Coaches should be watching for barbells “crashing” on athletes as they pull under the bar. Instead of crashing, teach your athletes to meet the barbell on the way down.

AMRAP 10 Minutes
300m ski or row or 15/12 cal bike (no more than 1 minute if biking)
12 Pull Ups
300m ski or row 25/20 cal bike
12 Hang Squat Cleans 115/75lbs


Feel: Gas

Pacing: Sustain

Target Score: 3 Rounds

Firebreather Score: 4 Rounds


  • Bike: Should not exceed 1 minute at any point
  • Pull Ups: Should not exceed 2 sets at any point
  • Hang Squat Cleans: Should not exceed 2 sets at any point

Coach Focus: Today’s workout is creating a gassy stimulus via perpetual motion. We are looking for athletes to push their machine pace so they are not spending more than a minutes there. Then, when athletes get to the pull up bar or barbell, they are able to finish their reps in :60 or less as well. The trap for most athletes will be the barbell, coaches need to ensure the weight allows athletes to move consistently their weight from start to finish.