Wednesday April 27th


Wednesday April 27th

Dare I say “bring a weight vest if you have one”

On a 7 Minute Clock
Run 400m
30 Jumping Lunges
20 Empty Bar Push Press
Max Freestanding HS Hold in Remaining Time (take as many attempts as you want) sub is max hs hold against wall or max hold db overhead.

Strength-N/A Keep in mind we have a 20 rep max deadlift attempt tomorrow. If you arent worried about that or feel like you want to do something else, hit the listed sled work with some friends after the wod

Wod- Weight Vest Wednesday. Vests are always optional

12 Rounds
200m Run
5 Push Jerks @45% of 1RM Push Jerk

AMRAP 15 Minutes,
Team of 4:
50′ Heavy Sled Push (Steady March loading)
Pick a weight you can push 50 without having to stop too many times, but not light enough that you can run with it. Cycle through your team of 4.