Thursday September 26th

Warm Up:
20/16 Cal Bike
20 Legs Swings Each Leg
20 Duck Walk Steps
20 Empty Bar Strict Press
20 Empty Bar Front Squats

Go over dumbbell thrusters, choose a weight you won’t you have to break the 21 up reps up more than 2 or 3 times.

Image result for Crossfit Db Thrusters

21 DB Thrusters 50/35 INT-35/25
400m Run
18 DB Thrusters
400m Run
15 DB Thursters
400m Run

Beginner Option-
15 DB Thruster 30/20
200m Run
12 DB Thruster
200m Run
9 DB Thruster
200m Run


Tabata front squat or airsquats


  • Rack the barbell at approximately chest height when standing.
    • Load the barbell to 75 or 95lbs (or you can also perform this finisher with an empty barbell).
    • Using a grip outside the shoulders, unrack the bar for a front squat securing it on the shoulders by raising the elbows.
    • Step away from the rack.


  • Keeping the feet flat on the ground, sit your hips down and back until the hips are below the knees. Then stand back up to complete the rep.
    • Be sure to drive the elbows up during the movement so bar remains resting on the shoulders.
    • Complete as many reps as possible in 20 seconds.
    • At 20 seconds, rack the bar for 10 seconds of rest.
    • Repeat this for 8 total intervals.


  • We put the cheese out for the mouse to get; choose your weight wisely.


  • If you want to work on front rack mobility, hold the rack position for the rest. This will be brutally effective.