Thursday May 6th

2:00 Glute activation
40 S-Leg Glute Bridges (2×10 per leg)
15 Wallballs
20 Lunges with Medicine Ball
20/15 Calorie Row
20 Jumping Lunges (w/o Medicine Ball)
15 Wallballs

Its week 3 of Post Activation Potentiation and you should be starting to feel more confident hitting heavy weight and doing an explosive movement right after. Things to remember
1) Consistent bracing of the midline,
2) Sitting back on each rep to load the posterior chain,
3) as you stand do not let their hips drift backwards. shooting your hips way back on the way up is going to cause you to buckle at the midline and your squat will turn into a good morning looking squat. Drive everything up at the same time. hips/shoulders/torso rise in tandem.

Back Squat

Immediately after each set, perform 5 Medball Bearhug jump squats with 20/14lbs as explosively as possible
Rest 4-5 minutes between sets of squats.
Start at 80% and add weight each set, ending with a heavy single. Goal: one of your sets of 2 is as heavy as last week, and your single is at 90%+.

After each set, be as explosive as you can with the medicine ball jump squats, we are looking for maximal height. For athletes who are unable to jump, a short machine sprint (~:10) would also be effective

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