Friday May 22nd

Warm up!
Step 1- Wash/sanitize your hands
Step 2- There will be a 10 minute body weight warm up posted outside. Start the warmup at the top of the hour, The Coach will come out and get you at 10 after.
Step 3 go to your station and wipe your equipment down even though the class before you will have just wiped it down.
Step 4- Coach will be at the front of the room explaining the workout, we are not meeting at the whiteboard to avoid gathering too close.
*if you have an outdoor spot reserved just step into the gym, paying attention to social distancing and after the short brief you can head outside to your spot.

A break from the barbell

Strength skill EMOM
12 Minutes (3 Rounds)
Minute 1- 15 Dumbbell tricep extensions
Minute 2- 12 Weighted sits ups with your dumbbell
Minute 3- 12 Push ups
Minute 4- 40 Doubles, 40 singles, or 40 seconds of double under attempts

Wod- CrossFit quarantine Wod 1
10 Minutes Amrap
10 Squats
9 Db Snatches right arm
10 push ups
9 Db snatches left arm