Thursday August 11th

Warm up:
2 Rounds
15 air squats with band
:10 bike sprint
5 bear hug jumping squats
:10 bike sprint
10 wall balls
:10 bike sprint

Back Squat review
3×3 empty bar back squats
Hold 2 seconds at the bottom, string drive up
Create a shelf! Produce tension on the barbell, shoulder blades pulled together, pull down on bar
Core engaged PRIOR to removing bar for rig
Knees rotate externally >> engages glutes
Set your feet by “grabbing the floor with feet”
From the bottom of the squat drive through the floor to stand
Knees and hips extend at the same time

Build up to your 70 percent then we will start at clock

:25 Strength:
Every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes (4 sets)
5 Back Squats
Begin at 70% and add weight each set, ending
with a very heavy or maximal set of 5.

Wod- Easy right?
:45 WOD:
For Time
50/35 Bike Calories
Target Score: 3 min

Cool down- Saddle, single leg pike