Wednesday August 10th

Have athletes foam roll lats and back
With feet on rower seat
-10 Knee tucks
-10 Pike ups
Row 150M
KBS light weight
Hollow Rocks
:30 L-Hang from bar

Review wall walks

Wall Walks
Head tucked by ears in “pike” and throughout skill
Body stays stacked throughout skill.
Efficiency >> Try to take big “steps” with hands
Same # of steps each rep
Last hand to the wall, first one to move on the way out

At :15 after

15 Skill:
EMOM 8 Minutes
5 Burpees to 12″ target
1-5 Wall Walks
Choose a number of wall walks that you can
repeat every round with speed.

Review wod movements

:30 after WOD:
For Time
KB Swing 53/35lbs
Toes to Bar
Calorie Row
Target Score: 15 min
Time Cap: 20 min
*Tips –
Toes to Bar: Should not Exceed 2:00, 1:30, 1:00 to complete in the 3 rounds.

:55 Cool Down:
Twisted Cross
Seated Cross Shin Pose