Friday April 3rd

Warm up-
5 minutes run walk bike
Then 10 minutes of squat therapy against the wall, get at least 20 squats in with holds against a wall.

Remember the other day when we did Run + 2 rounds of DT? Remember how enjoyable that was?

Here is another fun one
**GO light please this is a minimum of 140 squats, it would be difficult enough with just air squats
Every 5min. x 7 Rounds:
Choose 1 (400m Run, 500m Row, or 25 Cal Assault Bike)
*Adjust the run so it’s about 2 minutes. You want about 90 seconds rest
20 Goblet Squats with a 1 DB 1 kb or empty bar on your back

*29 squats per round is rx plus
If you finish the round before 5 minutes is up you have the rest of the time to rest. If you don’t just change this into a 35 minutes AMRAP

Extra core work
3 Rounds
20 Tuck ups or v ups
20 Russian twists (Back and forth counts as one)
20 situps+