Sunday March 18th

Sunday Funday
Open attempts from 8:30 to 8;45

Teams of 3 today-

Outside fitness.. bring your SPF 90
Wod 1-
Carry a loaded barbell and 1 heavy wall ball/slam ball 800m
Split work however your want weight is 135/95
Wod 2
12 Minutes Max cals on the bike
Every minute all team members stop and do 3 parking lot burpees

Wod 3
10 Minute Amrap (remember that barbell you were carrying,, you will need it again) set up plates outside to block your barbells from rolling down the hill
2 people carry the loaded barbell 200m
*while they are carrying the barbell the remaining person is doing slam balls.. .take chalk, write your scores, add up at the end.

*each slam ball is worth 1 point
*each 200m walk is worth *5 points